Finding Freedom Through Cleansing

By Tom Woloshyn, The Lemonade Guy

It was during the second Online Master Cleanse Group that I asked what the Master Cleanse meant to the participants in the group and one person on the Zoom call said with great gusto, “Freedom!”.

This brought back vivid memories of my original training in Stanley Burroughs work with my teacher, Maynard Dalderus. The first evening of the training, he lectured for about 2 ½  hours on the Master Cleanse.  I remember feeling the impact of what I had just been taught after sitting through the class.  I would never have to see a doctor again, even possibly never be sick again, if I followed a very different lifestyle and started cleansing myself back to Health and Well Being. It was a wakeup moment in which I felt an overwhelming sense of freedom.  I would no longer be a victim to any dis-ease or illness, but instead, a more conscious person making informed decisions about my health.  I would no longer need doctors or hospitals for myself barring any accident or injury that would require medical attention beyond my capabilities. (I have, to this point in time, not seen a doctor since 1979 and continue to have good health.)

This rather simple cleanse has given me not only a much healthier life, but also the freedom of not being sick or in pain or the worry of what will happen to me if I ever were to get ill. Are you ready to have and experience this whole new state of consciousness?  Are you ready to let go of your old limitations and embrace your newfound freedom?  If so, join the movement and change your life one lemonade at a time!  For more information about The Master Cleanse Movement and Group Cleanses, click HERE.

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