Essential Oils and The Master Cleanse

The Master Cleanse is the most effective cleansing program presently available in terms of effectiveness, ease, simplicity and cost. It was originally conceived by Stanley Burroughs in 1941 to treat ulcers.  


There were many unexpected results that came from the cleanse when Stanley first started sharing it with people.  People lost weight, their allergies went away, chronic pain would stop, any number of serious degenerative diseases seemed to reverse and be healed. 


This was not expected and not fully understood at first by Stanley Burroughs.  He had originally called it the Lemonade Diet but as the undeniable successes piled up, Stanley renamed it the Master Cleanser.


This was a time when essential oils were not in vogue or as widely available as they are now, so using Essential Oils while cleansing was not even a consideration of Stanley’s.  Stanley died in 1991 without having a full understanding of essential oils, he had not been introduced to pure, high quality oils, and hence there were never widely recommended in his book “Healing For The Age of Enlightenment”. 


Along came Gary Young in the mid 1970’s, doing the Master Cleanse to starve himself to death.  He had been in a near life ending accident where he was struck by a falling tree while logging in British Columbia and he did not want to live as a paraplegic in an excessive amount of pain and discomfort.  


After 256 consecutive days of being on the Master Cleanse, Gary walked away from his wheelchair.  He eventually met Stanley Burroughs and went on to learn all of Stanley’s therapies which included Vita-Flex and Color Therapy.


Gary later set up an Alternative Health Center in Tijuana, Mexico, where he was to meet a client from Switzerland who was able to talk him into trying her very high quality oils that she had brought from Europe.  Gary had healed very successfully from his injuries but he still carried a lot of pain in his body and when this woman applied Essential Oils on him, he was astounded and amazed because the pain stopped instantly.  


This pivotal moment changed the course of history for many people, myself included, because Gary would leave no stone unturned in his quest to learn everything he could about this new and exciting discovery.


This, of course, led to the creation of Young Living Essential Oils and Gary started promoting and educating people about Essential Oils as his main focus and goal in life.  He spoke often of how he wanted Essential Oils in every household or home throughout the world to empower people with the ability to take care of themselves with very simple tools.


He did not stop using Stanley’s work, but used Essential Oils to compliment his work and this is where he eventually started having people at his clinic take Essential Oils while on the Master Cleanse.


I did some lecturing at the clinic in Utah in the early 2000’s and was able to buy some of the 2 oz. bottles of blends Gary had formulated for the people attending his clinic.  I proceeded to use these blends while on the Master Cleanse by taking 20 drop capsules 12 times a day for a 10 day period.  I wanted to do my own self science before I would start to recommend this to my clients who were open to doing it themselves.


Fast forward to 2020 and here comes Covid-19.  The pandemic meant I was no longer able to travel or have my clients travel to me.  I thought, now is the time to finally take action on starting an online Master Cleanse group that I would lead, inspire, motivate and teach to empower people to heal themselves with this tried and true program.


Many of the people who have joined our online groups are Young Living members who have been using Essential Oils themselves for several years, so they are eager to use their oils while on the Master Cleanse.


Supplements are not recommended to take on the cleanse as they will start up the digestive processes and hinder the body’s process of cleansing.  Essential Oils, on the other hand, are already in molecular form and do not need the digestive process to be absorbed and utilized effectively by the body.  They can, in fact, enhance cleansing of the body. 


Most participants are using a blend similar to one of the clinic blends created by Gary.  They are Oregano Vitality, Thyme Vitality and Thieves Vitality put into a capsule and swallowed with lemonade.  Many members of our group cleanses have noticed within the 10 days of cleansing and using this blend of oils that many parasites start to pass from their digestive system. This will have dramatic positive effects on these people’s health and lives for some time, including renewed energy, a more positive outlook on life, more confidence, and a renewed passion about their purpose in life.  

This is just one simple example of using Young Living Vitality Essential Oils internally and there are other options as well that can be very effective in accelerating the healing processes of the body. This is not the only way to use oils as they can be applied topically to great benefit while cleansing.


The effectiveness of Essential Oils is greatly hampered when our body chemistry is over acidic and one of the great benefits of cleansing is that it will alkalize the body very quickly. This allows for Essential Oils to work quickly and effectively without having any burning or irritations from oils reacting to an overly acidic body.  In fact, a 62 year old client once told me on her 32nd day of cleansing, “Now the oils really work!”


I am forever grateful for Young Living Essential Oils coming into my life so many years ago.  The oils and the cleanse make a great team.  The cleanse makes the oils work better and the oils make the cleanse work better.  For more information on The Master Cleanse and our Online Group Master Cleanse, visit

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