How and Why to Use an Herbal Laxative on The Master Cleanse

By Tom Woloshyn, The Lemonade Guy

The use of the herbal laxative while on the Master Cleanse is imperative to your success.  The herbal laxative can be taken in tablet form, such as Stomach Ease or Swiss Kriss, or as a tea, such as Smooth Move.  The importance cannot be overstated and lack of compliance is one of the main reasons many people have poor to little results on the Master Cleanse.  The lemon juice and cayenne pepper break up and loosen old waste in the colon, the water rehydrates it and the laxative allows you to eliminate this old waste.  These ingredients all work together synergistically for this one purpose. 

During my first Master Cleanse, I released 9 pounds and half of it was slime coming out while sitting on the toilet as I was doubled over with cramps and tears in my eyes.  When I would get up and look in the toilet, I would say, “What the blank is that!”  Of course, “better out than in” is what I say to my clients and members on a regular basis.  

Many people either misread or forget what they read on how to do the Master Cleanse or think the laxative is dangerous and should be avoided, or else don’t like taking the laxative or feel like dealing with it.  The instructions are very simple, start taking the laxative the night before you start your Master Cleanse and then continue taking it twice a day, every day, until you finish the cleanse.  There is one option, which is that you do not have to take the laxative in the morning if you drink the quart or liter of sea salt water instead.  This is referred to as a salt water flush.

Some people take the laxative once the night before they start and never again, while others take it sporadically because they don’t like the cramping from the laxative or don’t like using the bathroom while at work.  Cramping can be caused by taking too much laxative, or, one’s colon is very toxic and inflamed and the laxative irritates an already sensitive area.  This does not mean to avoid taking the laxative, but continue using it in a dosage that works effectively.  The laxative working effectively means 2 to 3 eliminations per day.  

This raises another issue where people will think they are having diarrhea.  They are not having diarrhea, but experiencing runny stools because they are only drinking lemonade.  When you are only consuming liquids and no solid food, your eliminations follow suit.  It is best to stop the laxative if you are having to run to the bathroom 7 or 8 times a day or more.  If you have very little control, then use less laxative as well.

It is best not to follow the instructions on the label of the laxative as it will say to take 1 tablet at a time and not to continue for more than a week.  I suggest you ignore this and take the dosage that works for you while on the Master Cleanse(typically 3 -5 tablets) and every day that you are on it, even if it is 100 days.

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