My First Master Cleanse Experience: Part 2

By Tom Woloshyn, The Lemonade Guy

In my last article, I described how I was first introduced to the Master Cleanse, which led to my initial rejection and discounting of this unusual diet, to finally doing the Master Cleanse just to prove it didn't work.  The experience I had on my first Master Cleanse was so profound, it changed everything I knew about health and wellbeing, and how to achieve it.  I did not understand the science behind this program at the time, or how and why it worked, so I could not speak with any authority about it except my own experience doing it for myself.

Then, on January 7th, 1980, my soon to be teacher came to the city I lived in to do an evening presentation about Stanley Burroughs’ work which included the Master Cleanse, Vita-Flex, and Color Therapy.  I was, in fact, one of the people at this talk who was demonstrated upon in front of the audience.  I had had several neck injuries throughout my life, and frequently experienced chronic neck and shoulder pain that would last 3 or 4 days at a time.  A surgeon suggested fusions in 2 places in my neck to stop the pain, which I was considering doing at some point. Maynard, the person demonstrating on me, did about 3 seconds of Vita-Flex and I have not seen a doctor since that day. (I have of course done the Master Cleanse consistently since that time and changed my lifestyle quite dramatically.) It was at this time that I signed up to take the training from Maynard and learn all of Stanley Burroughs’ work, so that I could help share it with others to help them change their lives the way it had changed mine.

It was shortly after taking my training that I was telling a friend about what I had been taught in this workshop. He was quite interested in what I had to say, but not yet convinced that there was any merit or truth.  He asked me many questions about the Master Cleanse and I did my best to give him all the information I could. As it turned out, he went on the Master Cleanse for 40 days in a row to test it for himself. He then had a physical checkup with his doctor, including having his blood tested. He then went to a Fitness Clinic where they ran him through a number of exercises and movements to test for strength, endurance, flexibility and some other tests.  As it turned out, he tested average to above average from both his doctor’s examination and the Fitness Clinic. 

Now, he believed!  He bought a Color Lamp for his girlfriend and then put her on the Master Cleanse for 10 days because she had leukemia. She did the Master Cleanse and went to the Cancer Clinic everyday for 10 days to have her blood tested, and on the 10th day, her leukemia was gone!

This, of course, was very impactful to me.  With my new knowledge and experience, I had helped someone to heal themself.  I had greater confidence to talk to people and assure them they could do the Master Cleanse and gain great benefits.  I have not looked back or doubted anything I was taught in how to help people heal themselves and have since guided thousands of people through The Master Cleanse.  I hope this inspires you to take that first step in taking control of your life and your health.  Click HERE to learn more about my Online Group Cleanses.

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