The lasting change you desire will only happen when you heal on a subconscious and cellular level.

You are ready to empower yourself and create new levels of freedom to live a life with more spiritual, emotional, and financial freedom...

  • You have noticed improvements in some areas of your life, but you know you can go deeper.
  • You are choosing to become more intentional and conscious about your life.
  • You know that you can empower yourself to new levels and be happier, healthier and more fulfilled.
  • You are ready to let go of the stress and struggle you have been holding onto.

Imagine that you can feel better in your body than you have for years...


Have you been feeling one or more of the following?

Fatigue, lack of drive, sluggish

Physical stress: pain, headaches, constipation, bloating etc.

Brain fog or unable to focus

Do you lack confidence or experience one or more of the following?

Worry or frustration


Struggle in relationships with yourself and/or others

Struggle within your business and/or finances

Who is The TRANSFORM Mentorship for?

  • The person who is ready to feel vibrant and have their best health yet.
  • The person who is ready to feel confident in who they are.
  • The person who is ready to claim their power in areas of their life that they desire to create change.
  • The person who is ready to heal on a subconscious and cellular level to create lasting change once and for all.

Here is how Tom works, how the TRANSFORM mentorship is different from other coaching programs, and how it will help you to create lasting change where you haven't been able to before:

Tom takes a holistic view of your life beyond mind, body and spirit using techniques made famous by Louise Hay, the author of "You Can Heal Your Life."  For example, your political views, your pets, your car, anything that is related to you will give insights to Tom and what is going on in your subconscious.  He takes all of the pieces of your puzzle and fits them into the greater picture of how everything is connected in your life and your patterns.

He helps you gain a better understanding of how your thoughts and beliefs create your reality, so that you can create desired change in any area with ease.

People can come into the mentorship with any area of their life that they may want to create change in whether it is physical health, mental.emotional health, career, debt, entrepreneurship etc.

Some of the tools Tom uses are:


Body/Mind/symptom connection:  This is the number one tool Tom uses to discover the underlying causes of any issues whether mental, emotional, physical, or financial.  The benefit to working this way is that we very quickly identify the root cause of any/all conditions whether physical, mental, emotional, or external.  Once we have discovered the underlying cause, a course of action implementing the following tools becomes very clear.


Visualization:  The unconscious mind does not know/perceive the difference your imagination and your direct external experience.  Knowing this allows you to change and manage unconscious patterns that may have been set early on in your life as a child.


Affirmation:  Understanding how the unconscious mind works leads to using affirmation and specific emotional release techniques to create life-changing behaviors and beliefs, allowing positive, lasting change.


Master Cleanse:  The physical body is a direct reflection of what is going on in your mind on a conscious and subconscious level.  Dis-ease of any sort is the direct result of our belief systems and thoughts.  The body's physical challenges have to be addressed and The Master Cleanse is one of the most effective means to making changes in health.  Feeling better physically in turn facilitates emotional release and ease in letting go of the past.  Greater physical health leads to great mental and emotional health, which then leads to greater spiritual connection.


Color Therapy:  Helps facilitate quicker and more effective healing.  The basis to all healing is color or frequency on some level.  If there were no light on the planet, there would be no life.  Life is existent only because of light, therefore, using color therapy can facilitate healing of any condition.


Vita-Flex:  Vita-Flex is a reflexive or pressure point technique which originated in Tibet over 5,000 years ago.  It is typically done directly on the body but can be done long-distance as well.  This will be done on Zoom throughout the mentorship.  Many people have experienced dramatic and almost immediate results through long-distance (4th Dimensional) Vita-Flex.  People with years of chronic pain and/or discomfort have had complete and lasting resolution with this technique when all other avenues have been expired and exhausted with little or no results.


Essential Oils:  Essential oils make for quicker and easier results in any and all modalities.  They help facilitate all of the tools above, allowing greater ease throughout the mentorship.

Tom equips you with the tools you need where it actually matters and in the specific type of change you are wanting, whether it is one thing or multiple areas of your life.  Everybody has tried to create conscious change.  For example, you can try to will yourself to go to the gym or work on your finances.  You may buy a gym membership and then not use it, or create a budget and not stick to it.  The reason change doesn't happen or last is because forcing conscious habits does not create lasting results.  To create long-term change, it has to be at a subconscious and cellular level or the change doesn't last.

What's included and how we will be working together:


  • 12 - 1 hour weekly 1:1 breakthrough sessions with Tom Woloshyn
  • 6 - Bi-weekly 4th Dimensional Vita-Flex sessions.
  • Membership for all Online Group Master Cleanses during your three month mentorship.
  • Weekly homework.
  • Exploration and actionable steps for the areas in your life you are ready to expand.
  • Exploration and actionable steps for the struggles you are ready to release.
  • Break through the mindset blocks that are holding you back from freedom.
  • Transform into the version of yourself you have always longed for.

I am ready to TRANSFORM.


Meet Your Mentor

Tom Woloshyn is the author of "The Complete Master Cleanse." He began practicing and counseling in holistic health methods in 1980, after taking a course in the healing techniques of Stanley Burroughs and the teachings of Louise L. Hay.  The range of his expertise includes: the Master Cleanse, Color Therapy, Colon Lifts, Vita-Flex Massage, Counseling on the Mind-Body Connection, Life Coaching, The Advanced Cleanse and the use of Essential Oils with all his therapies.

Tom has spent the past 40 years guiding thousands of people all over the world through the Master Cleanse and the emotional work.  He takes all the pieces to your personal puzzle and pieces them together so that you see the big picture and how everything relates and comes together.